MoneyBRAINS is leading new finance technology that helps you better understand your finances.

It works by asking you 20 simple questions about your financial position. From there, MoneyBRAINS tech will provide you FREE analysis & insights into your financial situation INSTANTLY.

MoneyBRAINS insights include a breakdown of how you spend your money, whether you are under mortgage stress, what your borrowing capacity is, how much 'buffers' you should hold and what your overall risk position is. In short, it will provide you a holistic assessment of your finances.

Our mission is to help Australian's be better educated about their finances. We believe that a thorough understanding of your financial position is the first step to planning for a better financial future.

Once completed, your results will be provided to you INSTANTLY. You will have the option of obtaining an individualised report into your finances for FREE at the end of this journey.

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As with any financial scenario there are risks involved. This illustration provides an overview or summary only and it should not be considered a comprehensive analysis. You should before acting in reliance upon this illustration seek independent professional lending or taxation advice as appropriate specific to your objectives, financial circumstances or needs. Information included in the illustration may have been sourced from third parties and has not been independently verified. Note the results in the risks and lending results calculator may vary. It is intended to serve as an educational guide only.

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Please include any children/dependents living at home with you.
(own home, renting, other).
How much do you pay in rent and how frequently do you pay it. If you are sharing or boarding, please only put in your share of the total rent that is actually paid by you.
Please use your net salary. This Pay Calculator can be used to convert your gross salary to net salary. If you're self-employed, please estimate your total income (salary and profits) after tax paid.
Include income from non-salary sources. This includes rental income from all investment properties, dividend income and other investment related income.
Please include net income from sources like: Government income, Scholarships, Centrelink income, Pensions, etc. Do not include income from investment sources (rent, dividends, interest) or salary/profits (asked previously)
Please include things like: food, groceries, education, transport, entertainment, utilities/rates bills on all properties owned (including investments), holidays, etc. Please exclude rent expenses and any mortgage payments.
Debt repayments on loans used for cars, leases, furniture, personal, etc.
Banks work of your total credit card limit available to determine your borrowing power, not how much you actually use.
Please include all mortgage debt that is not for investment purposes. That is, your 'non deductible' debt value.
Total value of this debt that is at interest only repayment terms. This is not greater then the value of your owner occupier debt
The average interest rate on this debt. If you have multiple interest rates for different loans, please provide an average across the debt.
form img
Please include all mortgage debt that is for investment purposes.
Total value of this debt that is at interest only repayment terms. This is not greater then the total value of your investment debt
The average interest rate on this debt. If you have multiple interest rates for different loans, please provide an average across the debt.
form img
Please include all properties in your estimated value, including your own home.
Please include all properties you own.
These are your rainy day funds. Please include any funds that are 'liquid' and accessible at call (e.g. savings, term deposits, shares, etc).
form img
We'll send your individual report directly to your email. Invalid-Email
How much you save per year
How much the bank calculates you save
Additional investment borrowing 3% (DO NOT SHOW)
Additional investment borrowing 5% (DO NOT SHOW)
Investment Borrowing Power
Difference (DO NOT SHOW)
Savings Rate
Housing Expense % of Income
Expenditure Rate

How do you describe your risk profile?

Total Buffer Required : $
Total Buffer Required : $
Total Buffer Required : $
Total buffer
Based on your financial information, we estimate that your risk position requires a buffer size of $ - $
Minimum Interest Rate Buffer
Should interest rates rise by 1%, your total repayment will increase by $ per year. If your interest rate rises by 2%, your repayment will increase by $ per year.
P&I repayment change
If your interest only loans switch to principle and interest repayments, your repayment will rise by $ per year.
Are you 'rent reliant'
Your LVR position

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