Why use a mortgage broker when I can go direct to bank?

Going directly to a bank means you only get their lending products sold to you. Why limit yourself to a few loan products when you can access over 100 in one conversation? Best of all, you get access to the same product, and at the best rates offered by lenders, all at no cost to you.  That’s why more than 50% of all home loans now originated via mortgage brokers.

Why use a Confidence mortgage broker?

Unlike most mortgage brokers, we are award-winning mortgage brokers who are experts at understanding – and explaining – how finance works.  We pride ourselves on delivering what we promise: a higher level of service, better advice and better home loans.

  • We are Australia-wide finance experts
  • Our services are free in most cases
  • We offer home loans from more than 40 lenders
  • We simplify the process & make it easy for you
  • MFAA & CIO membership

How are you different from other mortgage brokers?

The main difference between our team is that we specialise in educating property investors. Structuring multiple loans for long term investing requires a different set of skills and expertise, the training for which takes years.

That said, the real difference is our desire to understand you by listening to your hopes and goals, and then offering you suggestions on how you could tweak your ideas for a better outcome. We draw this knowledge from our constant client discussions in what has and hasn’t been successful for them.

While we specialize in helping investors, a large proportion of our clients are homebuyers, so we are adept at arranging first home loans, too. First homebuyers get to draw on the skills, experience and expertise of our team, ensuring they get the right loan that suits them.

How can we work together if I’m interstate?

Over 30% of our clients are based outside of Sydney, with many of our clients living and working overseas.  With modern communication technology, this doesn’t pose any problem.

For those that do live in Sydney, we welcome meetings at our office in Surry Hills (just across the road from Central Station), but are also happy to work remotely or over the phone.

Do you charge for this service? What’s the catch?

Our services is free of charge to you, because we are reimbursed by the financial institution.

This is because we introduce new business to the financial institution, saving them money on marketing, administrative costs, staff costs, branch overheads, and other costs associated with acquiring & retaining customers.

Lenders usually remunerate brokers in a similar fashion – with most lenders paying a 0.60-0.65% upfront commission and a smaller ongoing trailing commission equivalent to around 0.15-0.20% p.a.

Why do you give away so much of your intellectual property in reports and newsletters? What’s the catch?

There’s no catch.  Our mission is to educate property investors across the country and to help lift financial literacy standards in Australia.  Educating via our content is the best way to do this, so we welcome the opportunity – regardless of whether the recipients are our clients or not.  

How often can I expect to hear from you?

Excellent service is at the core of our business.  You’ll hear from us at every stage of your loan application, and at every important juncture along the process (even if nothing has changed!).

Over 60% of our business comes from existing client referrals – so making clients happy is our priority.

How can I work out how much I can borrow?

Lenders calculate your borrowing power by adding your income and subtracting your assessed expenses.  Each lender calculates each component differently, leading to a different borrowing capacity number.

We can work with you to determine your borrowing capacity with individual lenders & seek an optimal solution for you.

How do I choose the right loan product for me?

Each home loan product may vary in facilities, features, and interest rates.  Most importantly, bank policies & features vary by lender – this offers scope to structure your loans more effectively to meet your long-term targets.

At Confidence, we recommend your loan products by first understanding your short, medium and long term plans.  Using this understanding, we analyse the market & then help you short list solutions that are right for you.  


Our FREE e-book covers the step-by-step process of how an average couple can use finance techniques to grow a multi-million dollar portfolio.

In this e-book, learn:

  • How your borrowing power is calculated by different lenders
  • How to adjust your personal circumstances to borrow more from lenders
  • How having the right financing structure can increase your borrowing capacity by over 100%. This can be the difference between the inertia of getting ‘stuck’ after acquiring 1 or 2 investment properties or being able to grow your portfolio to achieve your goals
  • How to manage risk & protect a multi-million dollar portfol


Why not get started with a free, no-obligation Strategy Session? Based on your circumstance and your goals, we’ll give you an idea of what we believe is feasible and how we can help.