11 Property Market Predictions Ebook

Ebook: 11 Property Market predictions for 2023

“What happens to credit and debt markets will drive what happens to property markets”

11 Property Market Predictions for 2023

Our FREE e-book will go through 11 Property Market Predictions we expect in 2023.  By the end of this, you’ll know:  

  • Why we are currently in the tightest financial conditions in nearly a decade in Australia.
  • How regulators may change interest rates and lending assessments later in the year.
  • Why inflation has PEAKED as at January 2023.
  • Which investor pockets of Australia are more susceptible to volatile price changes.
  • Why First Home Buyers will be back in the market in NSW.

Combining all of the above, we make some early insights to the next phase of lending and property markets in Australia.