About Us




Our mission is to educate property investors and homebuyers about how property finance works in Australia.  That is why we invest our time developing our expertise in analysing lending market conditions and methodically dissecting how lending works.  We’re an ambitious group here at Confidence Finance and we would love to see an Australia where consumers are better educated about their finances.

We believe that long term property investing is a game of finance and property finance is a science. Our belief is that lending can be broken down into individual components. Understanding how each part works is our speciality. We use this analysis to develop unique content about how lending works in Australia. We use this expertise to help our clients grow, finance and protect successful property portfolios.


Confidence Finance was born in 2014, when our founder, Redom Syed, grew tired of the lack of analysis and education about how mortgage lending worked.  The business was born with the principle aim of educating property investors how to manage their finances better.

Redom and Curtis, both trained Economists, began their careers at the Federal Treasury with some of the country’s brightest minds.  Here, they worked on devising a regulatory lending plan to tackle the growing housing boom that began in early 2013.  This involved consultation with the RBA, APRA and the IMF on tackling financial stability in Australia.

Since inception, Confidence Finance:

  • Has originated over $500,000 million in lending
  • Settled over 1000 loans
  • Worked with hundreds of clients
  • Educated thousands of Australians.
  • Won multiple industry awards, including being recognised as the Best Young Broker in the industry in 2016.



We specialise in working with property investors and homebuyers.  Specifically, we source and structure finance for property investors looking to build, grow and protect successful investment portfolios.  We also work with first homebuyers and homebuyers looking to grow a better financial future.

This includes:

  • Standard Residential Home Loans
  • Off the Plan Finance
  • Property Development Finance
  • SMSF Finance
  • Commercial Property Loans

Specifically, we also offer risk insurance products to help protect our client’s property portfolios and financial wellbeing.


  • Expertise and Experience: Our focus is developing our expertise so we can use it to help you. We have written 1000+ loans and settled well over $500 million in lending. We have set up systems and resources to meet your needs.
  • Service: Over 50% of our business comes from existing customer referrals. Making our clients happy is our number one priority. This involves quality and clear communication. We pride ourselves on always returning calls and emails same day, and being available when you need us.
  • Relationship first approach: We work on a relationship approach. We begin by understanding you and your objectives. We then use our expertise to model out specific tailored advice to you.
  • Client recognition: Don’t take our word, we have a number of fans on public forums.
  • Industry recognition and knowledge: We are multi-award winning and have been recognised as one the industry’s top mortgage brokers.  We’re also dedicated to improving the broking industry and financial literacy standards in Australia.


Why not get started with a free, no-obligation Strategy Session? Based on your circumstance and your goals, we’ll give you an idea of what we believe is feasible and how we can help.