Loan Process

We make things simple.

We’ll take the time to get to know you, find you the right loan and collect some documentation from you. After that, we’ll talk to the lenders, solicitors and agents behind the scenes to ensure a smooth, transparent financing process for you.

More specifically, the process can be broken down by:

1. Getting to know you

It’s all about finding the right loan for you. To do that, we’ll need some information from you as to your goals, your vision and what you’d like from your lender.

Once we’ve talked through your needs, we’ll work our magic and go through 100s of bank products to find the right loan for you.  We understand how important it is to receive high quality advice before making big financial decisions. That’s why we provide all our clients with their own personalised lending report.

Your personalised lending report (See Sample).

This report will justify any recommendation we make. It means you’ll know that you’re getting the right loan for you, not for the bank.

2. Submitting your application

Once we’ve agreed on the right loan for you, we will collect the relevant identification and income verification documentation from you and process your application through to the lender.

At this stage, depending on your situation and the lender chosen, we may order a valuation of the security being purchased. The lender will need this to verify the securities worth.

3. Approval

Each lender is different, but once all the paperwork is sent through and the valuation report has come back, you can expect to hear back from the lender within 72 hours for most loan scenarios.

Once your application is unconditionally approved we will forward confirmation in writing to both yourself and your solicitor (in the case of a purchase).

4. Mortgage documents

Your lender will issue your loan contract to Confidence Finance or straight through to you. We will explain in detail the terms and conditions of the offer and the features of your loan product.

Once you are comfortable with your offer and are happy with your loan offer you can sign your documents. Once signed, your documents will be subsequently returned to the lender.

5. Settlement

If you are purchasing it is your solicitor’s responsibility to book and attend settlement on your behalf. In the case of refinances Confidence Finance will track settlement of your loan on your behalf.

Once your loan settles we will advise you and your solicitor.

6. Ongoing

After your loan settles we will be in contact with you to ensure you are aware when your first repayment falls due and where it will be coming from. We will take the time to ensure you are happy with your loan.

Confidence Finance will be in contact within the first 12-18 months of your loan to ensure it remains the best product for you.


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